The City of Manchester – UK

by Agustin Rojas | Apr 8 2019

Manchester is well-known throughout the world for various reasons. All thanks to its variety of culture, atmosphere and exciting activities.

Its influence is notable musically, artistically and theatrically. These elements helped the city make it to a ‘top 10 city in the world to visit’ in 2016.

Above all, students get much more for their money. Manchester is among the most cost-effective cities to live in. This is according to NatWest Student Living Index 2015.

Manchester’s Main Attractions

The city of Manchester is full of unique places to visit and fun things to do. Amongst them, you will find the following:

  • more than 95km of canals
  • a world-renowned music scene
  • over 30 museums and galleries
  • thousands of acres of parks
  • six steam engines
  • an influential art and design culture
  • 42 traditional markets

A World-Class Sporting City

Manchester is home to two of the biggest powerhouses in the sport. They are Manchester City and Manchester United football clubs.

Old Trafford is Manchester United’s largest club ground in Britain. But Manchester City is based on the other side of the city. Etihad Stadium is where they play their official football games each season. This football ground was built for the 2002 Commonwealth Games.

These two giant football clubs attract many travellers each year. Heading to any one of them to watch a football game can be an exceptional experience. Want to feel it… virtually? Aspers Casino Online offers a huge variety of football-themed games.

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Other Great Facilities Open to the Public:

  • National Squash Centre
  • Manchester BMX Track
  • Manchester Aquatics Centre
  • Regional Tennis Centre
  • The Salford Quays Water sports Centre
  • Regional Athletics Centre
  • Manchester Regional Gymnastics Centre
  • The National Cycling Centre
  • Manchester Climbing Centre

Music and Nightlife

Manchester is popular for being one of the UK’s liveliest cities. So, whether you are looking for a place to dance the night away or a gourmet dinner, Manchester has it all.

It remains one of the best cities to hear live music. Plus, it is a great destination for touring bands. Manchester has a host of big-name music venues. The diversity of music available includes: classical music and jazz festivals.

Food From Around the World

With over 300 restaurants, there are many modern British and international cuisines. Find global gastronomy in a few steps around the city!

The second largest recreational and commercial centre in Britain? That’s Manchester’s Chinatown. It has several Asian supermarkets and restaurants. You will also find many restaurants and shops in Rusholme’s ‘Curry Mile’. These offer Middle Eastern and South Asian cuisine.

Manchester also boasts many grocery shops and supermarkets nearby. These include the likes of Asda, Morrisons, Sainsburys and Tesco.

Getting Around Manchester

Ever wanted to visit the city? You can use affordable Metrolink to visit the various parts of Manchester.

Or, take out Mr Smartphone and let him guide you through the avenues of the Metropolis!