Spend a Dream Holiday in Riyadh with Shaza Riyadh

by Agustin Rojas | Nov 25 2019

Riyadh is a place with a lot of historical, religious, and tourist attractions in Saudi Arabia. Apart from its spiritual significance, it is a beautiful holiday destination for tourists across the globe. This capital city has a multitude of malls, cafes, parks, and museums to explore.

For those planning a holiday trip to some exciting and happening place in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh is undoubtedly a spot that can be considered. However, to plan a dream holiday at one of the busiest tourist destinations in the globe, can be difficult. You must pre-book hotel rooms in Riyadh ahead of your trip to avoid last-minute hassles. While there are many 5-star hotels in Riyadhyou have to check for hotels near Riyadh airport that has easy access to all the major tourist attractions in the city. 

With so many options available, the search can surely get daunting. To make the best out of your dream holiday in Riyadh, you can get your rooms booked in one of the best and most luxurious 5-star hotels in Riyadh-Shaza Riyadh.

Here are the five things that Shaza Riyadh can do to make your dream holiday the most memorable one:

#1. An Interesting Combination of Tradition and Modernity

Shaza Riyadh is located just a few meters from the Al Rajhi Grand Mosque, which is a place of spiritual importance for the Muslims. Hence keeping in mind the pilgrims visiting the place, Shaza gives great importance to traditions and culture without compromising on modernity. The entire design and interiors of the hotel building are inspired by the Islamic architectural style, which complements the backdrop it is situated at. 

#2. Great Hospitality

Saudi Arabia is known for its rich heritage and immaculate hospitality, and one can find that in abundance in Shaza Riyadh. The hotel has a host of friendly and competent staff, friendly front desk executives, and dedicated housekeeping team that ensures that their guest gets the best stay experience. 

#3. Authentic Middle Eastern Cuisine

While every luxury hotel in Riyadh has a way of paying tribute to the sumptuous Middle Eastern cuisine, Shaza Riyadh takes a step further. It combines all the Middle eastern flavors and gives their guests something exemplary and drool-worthy. The MeNa restaurant is inspired by the riad courtyard and offers 24-hour pen buffet breakfast and an a la carte lunch and dinner menu. The Bistro provides ready-to-eat locally produced food and goods for travelers and is more of a snack outlet.

Guests need to be dressed in a Thobe/Abhaya or in smart casuals to experience the dining at MeNa and Bistro.


#4. Modern Amenities and Services

One more thing that makes Shaza Riyadh one of the best 5-star hotels in Riyadh is the kind of amenities and services that is offered to the guests. Every visitor gets access to their high-class gym facility and to the stat-of-the-art indoor heated pool. Visitors can even book a spa in the Shaza Afiya Wellness centre. Their wellness packages encompass a wide range of spa and wellness journeys that detoxify and rejuvenate the body and mind. The kids, too, get their dose of entertainment at the kid’s club, which has a plethora of activities and entertainment to stimulate young minds.

#5. Spacious and Luxurious Rooms

Designed to bring a sense of tranquillity and calm, each of these hotel rooms has a story to tell. The rooms are spacious enough to accommodate a lot of people and compact enough to keep you cosy and comfortable. The rooms and suites are tastefully decorated and painted to suit every visitor and their needs.

Holidays are essential for self rejuvenation, and they are also the best excuse for spending quality time with your family. Such an important trip must get the planning it deserves. Shaza Riyadh is the perfect stay option for your dream holiday trip.