Must Have Travel Gadgets

by Agustin Rojas | Nov 5 2017

Many of us plan trips abroad well in advance and we plan carefully what we will carry with us. Many gadgets are in the market place offering the ability to travel with the least of hassle. After all, gadgets are there to help! Here are my top eight travel gadgets.

Passport Wallet: one of the most important considerations when travelling is personal security and with that keeping your passport safe and sound. It can be a total nuisance and a complicated issue to solve if your passport gets mislaid or lost. Nowadays, there are specially designed wallets that are sized to hold passports along with cards, currency etc.
Anti-theft Backpack: look for a backpack that has zippers placed at the inside ‘wall’ of the pack so when it is on your back, the zippers are against your back. So many backpacks have the zippers exposed to the outside, that you are asking for trouble.

Binoculars: so often many of us go on trips that might include a visit to a stadium whether it be for sport or music events, or it could be a tour of a vast landscape, so, don’t forget your binoculars! Some have technology included to give you the option of recording, capturing, even live streaming and sharing what you are viewing in real time!

Sat-nav’s: so you are used to using your sat-nav while driving, why not take it with you while travelling? There are so many satnav options out there, these assistants offer you the chance to avoid travel mishaps and are great to keep you safe while on the move as you embark on your journey, whether on foot or in public transport etc.

Luggage scales: nowadays airplane trips can offer up a few challenges such as luggage weight restrictions. Many a traveller have been shocked at having to pay heavy charges for incurring heavier luggage. Get a scales and you won’t fall into that trap!


Hygiene container: there are special containers out there that within the unit there are separate compartments to hold a choice of shampoos and more. Made from robust materials, these items are ideal for those on the move that are needing something compact to get rid of carrying several bottles.

Hammock: what about taking a small hammock on your journey, particularly if you are visiting hot regions. Make sure it is a hammock with a bug net so as you are not in war with your surroundings!

Smart heated tops: this is a gadget you can’t be without if you are visiting very cold regions. Basically, this is an active looking top/sweater with technology that heats you up within the fabric. Priced at approximately $130, it is well worth the investment for skiing trips and the like.

All of the above gadgets are relatively affordable and once bought, they will be with you for many trips to come. For more great gadgets, visit this Smokea store for a great choice of travel accessories.