How to Travel Around Aspen with Ease

by Agustin Rojas | Oct 19 2018

If you’ve decided to spend your vacation in Aspen I would like to congratulate you. You are going to have an excellent vacation in one of the world’s best skiing destinations. Once you’ve chosen your aspen vacation rentals and decided when you’re visiting the area you’ll need to think about how you’re going to get around.

Many people like to drive around the area while others prefer to use public transport. No matter how you would like to travel in and around Aspen you’ll have all the travel options you need so you can get from A to B and back again easily.

The Shuttle

The newest and one of the most popular ways to travel around Aspen is via the shuttle. Known as the ‘Downtowner’ the shuttle operates from 8 am until 11 pm in the winter and summer months. Servicing the north and east side of the river in addition to the south of Aspen Mountain and 7th street, the shuttle is free to travel on. You can download the ‘Downtowner’ app if you wish or simply look at a timetable and work out where you need to be.

The Park & Ride

The Park and Ride offers you the chance to leave your vehicle at El Jebel, Glenwood Springs and 3 other locations. From these locations, you can take the bus into Aspen without having to worry about finding a spot to park in. The buses arrive and depart fairly frequently but you may want to make sure you’re aware of when the last bus leaves.


WE-Cycle is a local initiative to get more people to cycle and thereby cut down on pollution. Bicycles can be hired for those short commutes that see you travel on the same route as some of the local buses. Please note that you will have to pay extra if you decide to cycle a little further than you originally planned. Costs at the time of writing were $4 for the second half hour you’ve had the bike followed by an additional $8 after an hour of using the bike.

Passes that allow you to use the bikes are available in 20 different locations around Aspen and are a great way for you to see the area.

By Car

Travelling around Aspen by car is not difficult, however, when it comes to finding a parking spot at the height of the season you may struggle. If you must travel by car you can get almost anywhere via Highway 82 as it connects the Roaring Fork Valley with the main thoroughfare.

You can get free parking in Snowmass if you use the Park & Ride which departs as early as 6:40 am from Town Park Station.

If you want to get a spot in Two Creeks and Lot E in Snowmass you will have to pay $13 during the week and $25 at the weekends and on holidays (Prices are correct at the time of writing). Many other parts of Aspen also offer paid parking spaces, but it may work out cheaper for you if you use the Park & Ride.

At the height of the season, you may find that the roads are extremely busy and getting where you need to be could take twice as long as it needs to. Think about taking the Park & Ride or walking to your destination.

On Foot

Snowmass Village and downtown Aspen are very pedestrian friendly. The beauty of travelling through these areas is you can pass through them in just twenty minutes while car drivers queue in ever-increasing traffic. Some streets such as Mill Street, Hyman and Cooper Avenues are closed to all vehicles, making them very easy to walk across.  If you don’t have to hire a car, jump on a bus or travel anywhere by taxi why not take a stroll to your chosen destination? you’ll see more of the local sights and save some cash too.

One of the great things about travelling in Aspen on foot is that you get to see those destinations you would have missed out on. Stumble across a hidden café, find an art gallery that you would have driven past, get to where you need to be in your own time and not on someone else’s schedule.

By Taxi

Travelling to and across Aspen by taxi is ideal if you don’t want to walk anywhere or you need to travel by car but you don’t want to hire one. There are a lot of taxis in the area with some hotels and villas offering specialised services to some of their guests. Other hotels and villas are happy to organise a taxi for you so you can be picked up when it’s convenient for you.

There are some specialist limousine services operating in and around Aspen, offering you the chance to travel in style wherever you go. You may find that some of the routes are a little cheaper out of season, but it’s worth checking with the limo company before you book.

Travelling around and through Aspen is easy when you know how. Why not think about where you would like to go when you’re in Aspen and have a taxi pick you up at your villa or hire a bicycle for an hour so you can see the sights? Take the shuttle one day and the Park & Ride the next and make the most of all the travel options that Aspen has.