How to add extra funds to your travel budget!

by Agustin Rojas | Feb 6 2018

Let’s face it: travel is expensive. Even if you’re only heading somewhere like Thailand or the Philippines for a few days, it’s going to cost you more than you’d expect. The initial expenses are usually covered by whatever capital you’ve saved up, but you shouldn’t rule out the possibility of unexpected expenses along the way.

After all, it’s impossible to know exactly what food, transport, accommodation, and gifts will cost. A simple solution would be to simply earn an additional income while you travel. This, of course, is not possible through your normal job if it is something that requires you to actually be there.

Luckily there are numerous ways you can earn money to fund your travels, while you travel.

Write About Your Travels

There are tons of websites and agencies out there that are always on the lookout for writers who can supply content for their travel blogs. If you have trouble finding one, simply sign up on a website such as Upwork, Freelancer or iWriter. There’s always content to write if you’re reasonably good.

A great tip for this would be to take notes when you travel and, if possible, pictures of all the locations you visit, along with some details. This way it’s easier to simply sit down and type away your thoughts.

Make A Blog Yourself

In the same light, you could skip the agencies and simply make your own travel blog. It takes a bit of work to get going and you’ll need a slightly faster internet connection (use your phone as a hotspot), but once you get the ball rolling, it’s smooth sailing from there. Simply find a good web host, choose an attractive theme, and start making posts.

You’ll earn commission from affiliate links, adverts, and sponsored posts/reviews depending on the topics you focus on. You could also collaborate with businesses. Simply use a tool such as The Email Finder to search for the relevant business email addresses and see what you can do together. This way it’s a lot easier for beginners, as you’re not faced with the entire workload yourself.


Sure, there are tons of travel pages already present on Instagram, but if you have an eye for photography, know how to properly promote your account and you can write up an efficient post, it is easy to get going. You don’t need nearly as much expertise or knowledge as you would for a blog and it’s easier to maintain, along with being free.

The downside is that unless you become really popular, it is hard to earn money as your only options are sponsored posts, shout-outs, and links as opposed to advertisements. Be sure to post unique and interesting content so that you gain an authentic and responsive following.


All of these methods can be done straight from your computer or phone at any time and any place, as long as you have an internet connection. This makes it easy to manage and grow while you’re on the move and you can invest as little or as much time in it as possible. Just don’t get caught up in work and forget to actually enjoy the location you’re travelling to.