Mirador Tahai Cabins
Isla de Pascua, V Región - Chile
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El Mirador de Tahai cabins are located about 10 minutes walking along the coastal route of the center road to the island. Only steps from TAHAI ceremonial center.
Address: Isla de Pascua - Eastern Island - Chile

Cabins Mirador Tahai offers for you a variety of cabins in a comfortable and calm environment, managed by the owners. Here you will enjoy the warmth and the kindness of local people.

Item Low Mid-Season High
1 person cabin     35,000.00 Pesos
2 people cabin     60,000.00 Pesos
3 people cabin     75,000.00 Pesos
4 people cabin     90,000.00 Pesos
5 people cabin     100,000.00 Pesos
6 people cabin     112,000.00 Pesos
7 people cabin     120,000.00 Pesos

It includes:

Note: The published rates are only for reference, must be confirmed by the hotel.
Room facilities

 · Hot water
 · Private bathroom
 · Fully equipped kitchen
 · Living room
 · Terrace

Hotel facilities

 · Rent a car
 · Green Area
 · Tourist Information
 · Garden
 · Tours
 · Transfer Hotel Airport

Adittional information

Located very close from TAHAI ceremonial center, a sample from the Rapa Nui culture. Here we can find; moai, ahu (platforms), a bay, caves, taheta, paina between others structures, this a exceptional place to see, especially the sunshine's where the photographers and fans down to see this beautiful moment. The last year on July was the main meeting point to observe the eclipse.

Mirador Tahai Cabins
Mirador Tahai Cabins
Mirador Tahai Cabins
Mirador Tahai Cabins
Mirador Tahai Cabins
Mirador Tahai Cabins
Mirador Tahai Cabins
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