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· Zofri is the biggest Freezone of Iquique, Chile - The big area counts with 240 hectares, full of warehouses for the storage of a lot of varied products and approximately 500 shoppings ·

Zofri (Iquique Freezone)

Zofri is the biggest Freezone in South America. This big area counts with 240 hectares full of warehouses for the storage of a lot of varied products.
This free zone was opened on June 25, 1975 with the aim of creating a center which would support the economic progress of the zone and, also, in order to generate employment and achieving economic integration.

There is also a mall for perfumes, electrical appliances, electronic goods, computer equipment, cigarettes, toys, etc.

There are about 500 shops offering these products and many others dedicated to both, wholesale and retail.

It has become a location where near communities exchange foreign products which are also sold in Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay and Peru.


In order to be able to arrive, it is possible to take a taxi. In Iquique the determined routes do not exist, reason why is necessary to make stop them and ask if it goes to the Zofri. Another form is to pay attention to those cars that have in the windshield a red signboard with white letters that it indicates that goes to that direction. The value until the center depends on the place that is taken, although the value does not exceed the $500 pesos.

Another option, only in summer, is to wait for the bus of two floors that have a free transport to this paradise of the consumer. The bus is located in front of the Casino Games, in Cavancha, or outside the main hotels of the city. The schedule is established and is possible too consult in each hotel.

Zofri works from Monday to Saturday between the 11,00 and 21,00 hours, and starting the November 18 opens the doors the Sundays between the 15,00 and 21,00 hours.

Zona Franca de Iquique
By: www.wikipedia.org
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