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· Tourism in Quintero beach, a spa city and seaport - Its beaches are a paradise for windsurfing,yachting,waterskiing and scuba diving lovers - Includes information about hotels and lodgings ·

Tourism in Quintero city

Distance: 24 Kilometers away from Concon
Main Activity: Tourism and Fishing

A spa city and seaport. Its beaches are a paradise for wind surfing, yachting, waterskiing and scuba diving lovers. There are about 20 beaches with the characteristics for the practice of these specialties in water sports.

Among its most important beaches are: Loncura, Ritoquede, Durazno, Burrito, Cañitas, Ritoque, The Bato, The Libro, Rocas Cristalinas, Papagayo, Pescadores, The Caleuche, Enamoradas, Conchitas, The Manzano, Tortuga, Aguas Blancas, The Agatas, Quilicura, Larga, Cau-Cau and The Tabo.

Tour Site Attractions:

· Caletas of Pescadores
· The Cueva del Pirata
· The Faro
· Playa Ritoque

Situated 162 km from Santiago at the very south of Ritoque, this beach is 12 km long and is one of only four beaches in Chile appropriate for surfing, as well as other water sports.
According of its remoteness, it is a quiet beach for most of the year, and only moderately busy in summer, making it the perfect place to rest. It is surrounded by dunes and overlooked by magnificent cliffs.
You can get to the beach from the intersection in Ritoque village, going south about 4 km on the continuation of Normandie Avenue.

How to get to Quintero

Quintero is situated 154 km from Santiago. You can get to the city:

By Bus:
From the Bus Terminal in Valparaíso, located at the corner of Pedro Montt Street and Rawson Street, and from the Bus Terminal in Viña del Mar in Avenue Valparaíso 1050. There are also regular departures from Santiago.

By Car:
Beginning Santiago take Ruta 68, turning off on the road to Las Palmas; you then pass through Con-Con and cross the Río Aconcagua. There is also access from the north (Ruta 5 Norte) or from the south (Ruta 5 Sur) via La Calera and the new road from Nogales to Puchuncaví.

General information

Ilustre Municipalidad de Quintero
Normandie 1916 Fono:930035 Fax:930907

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