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This travel and lifestyle blog has been a huge success from it’s inception. I have always been asked by my followers for tips and recommendations on places to stay and things to do in different locations. However, these requests have now become so frequent that I now opt to include such information in the blogs themselves. I also offer advice on the best travel agents which I have used that might be able to answer the questions that I am not experienced enough to deal with. I have found that such recommendations are fantastic for the businesses I have featured. Not only that, but in the travelling circles, ‘word of mouth’ is a really strong promotional tool.

Since my various blogs reach a large audience on a weekly basis, I am in a great position to offer advertising opportunities for travel and lifestyle products. I am always open to new ideas. I usually find myself wholeheartedly endorsing the products and experiences that are offered to me via these channels but I do always vet them before agreeing to advertise.

I am extremely passionate about promoting ventures close to home for me. That means that I am especially interested in featuring those from Chile or even neighbouring countries who would like to advertise with my blog. In the past I have found that such an agreement can be the start of a great friendship. I am also extremely interested in letting my followers know about my favourite country, Italy, and all the delights that can be found there.

It is highly likely that your product, experience or venue would receive a boost from being featured on my blog. If you are considering this as a potential advertisement channel, please do get in touch below and we can discuss possible options that will suit us both.